Protection expert

Technical service

To the competitive advantages of the KRON one can ascribe high quality service and technical support, as well as the possibility of inspection at all stages of the collaboration. Today the company is staffed with the certified inspectors, who can promptly arrive at the site of the painting works for the execution of the objectives in accordance with the ISO 12944- 8, NS476 requirements and other standards. The work in the following direction can be relatively divided into four main stages.

  1. Technical solution

At this stage our experts held the technical consultancy and the selection of the optimal decision, taking into account all the peculiarities of the object as well as the client’s requests.

  1. Inspection

At the stage of inspection the certified experts supervise all the work stages on the surface preparation, the protective coating, and the quality control. Such an approach enables to avoid mistakes during the work execution and helps to cope with the clients’ demands and objectives.

  1. Reporting

At all stages on the project work the inspector draws up reports which contain the information on the stages and the conditions of the executed works, requests and remarks in accordance with the quality standards.

  1. Technical support

On the work completion our experts make recommendations on the further coating exploitation in order to prolong the object’s service life. The representatives of our company inspect the quality of the coating periodically over the whole period of the object’s life.  

There is all necessary portable equipment for the qualitative inspection in the arsenal of our technical experts: rapid analysis devices to control the materials’ and the coating’s quality, the equipment for the surface preparation and the paint-and-lacquer coating. Our team is quite mobile – the necessary equipment is set up in the auto-lab format.