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KRON – is a dynamically developing English brand in the field of the anticorrosive varnish-and-paint coatings production..

KRON anticorrosive coatings – is an off-the-shelf solution of the protection systems for the metal, ferroconcrete, concrete objects, which is predominantly used in the industrial sector and exposed to the effect of the corrosive mediums. KRON’s assortment consists of the anticorrosive coatings for the industrial and agricultural machinery, railway transport, energy, construction, alimentary, oil-and-gas and chemical sectors. Selection of the KRON anticorrosive coatings is made individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the objects’ operation activity and the client’s requests.

KRON’s production is created in accordance with all the European quality and protection standards on the industrial areas of Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland. The quality management system together with the process inspection ensures high quality production regardless of the operation area at all stages. KRON anticorrosive coatings – is the result of the long-term European experience in protection systems’ creation as well as the application of the modern equipment and technologies for the qualitative and safe production.

What is the advantage of the KRON anticorrosive coatings?

When choosing KRON’s production, you get the professional protection systems of the industrial projects at a competitive price. Anticorrosive coatings help to improve the resistance of the industrial objects to the corrosive medium and to preserve their original form for long. The application of the unique combination of the anticorrosive coatings allows creating the most suitable protection of the object taking into account the peculiarities of its usage.

Why do the clients prefer KRON anticorrosive coatings? 

  • High quality production. Numerous positive reports of our clients confirm the quality of the KRON protection systems. We are constantly developing and perfecting our work, taking into account the customization demands.
  • We can be proud of our certified specialists, who know all the refinements of the stated sphere. Constant control at every production stage guarantees the compliance with the European quality standards.
  • Forgeries and inferior production are impossible. All the production is certified and passed the adequate quality and safety verifications.
  • An individual approach to every client. We keep good terms with the customers and are mindful of their requests to exclude any discords in work.

SILTA GROUP, the official sole-distributor of the KRON anticorrosive systems in the Eastern Europe and Asia – is a reliable partner, which will provide you with the individual terms of cooperation, the efficient logistics and technical assistance in the process of work. 

For more than 16 years SILTA GROUP has been successfully cooperating with the prominent industrial enterprises, the leaders in the following fields:

SILTA GROUP employs the personnel of the certified inspectors and technical experts with a long-standing operational experience in the clients support. The professionals of the SILTA GROUP are ready to help with the right choice from the KRON’s assortment, to prepare the effective paint scheme and to render the inspection service during the surface preparation and coating the object.

We will be glad to see you among our partners.